How does a typical party work?

We arrive a few minutes earlier than your start time so that we may set up and you get the full hour with our animals. Experienced staff members walk alongside, and hold on to all children riding the pony. We will engage the child in conversation and try to quell any reservations he/she may have about this new experience! We try to do as long a ride as possible in the space/time allotted.

Small animals such as bunnies, ducks, chickens, and geese stay contained in a bottomless playpen. The kids can go right in there and interact with them! Larger animals such as the pig, goats, and sheep are walked in on a lead rope and are tied to a stake in the ground. Older kids may walk the animals around the yard with their leashes. Our staff will make sure that all children will get a chance to pet, brush, and feed the animals.