What makes Pied Piper Pony Rides so great?

Because I know kids and animals.

I'm a mom with two kids and I own and run this company and this farm.

I know what it's like to throw a party, I know what kids enjoy, and I know which animals work best under which conditions.

I work at this business full-time... when I'm not doing my other full-time job of being a mom! I hire only the best staff, raise only the nicest, sweetest animals, and don't skimp on any part of this business. The quality of service that Pied Piper provides must really show or we wouldn't have as many repeat and word-of-mouth customers as we do! And we probably wouldn't be entering our 25th year of business!

I hope we can help make your next party a big success! Please get in touch so we can discuss your party!

I'm planning a fair or fundraiser. How does that work?

We love doing fairs and fundraisers. We do not collect money for individual rides. We charge you a flat rate or hourly basis for our services. This gives you the opportunity to charge how you like for the rides.

We request that we be assigned an area away from attractions such as carnival rides and bounce houses.

Pony rides are a fabulous attraction, bringing in lots of folks who might not attend your event but for the fact that their child will get to ride on a pony.

What if it rains the day of my party?

We come out rain or shine! It's hard to tell a child their party is off just because of rain. In light rain we bring umbrellas and still do rides as long as you provide a dry place for the kids to wait.

Petting zoos will be substituted for pony rides in the event that we cannot do the rides because of the weather. Petting zoos can be set up in any sheltered area such as a garage, under a tent or under a covered deck.

If you postpone or cancel your party for weather or any other reason we try to find you another date. However, an additional non-refundable deposit will be required. Holding rain dates would deny others the use of our service.

How much does a party cost?

Party pricing varies by location, length of stay, and type of animals invited. Please call our office, or fill out the form on the home page for a quote.

Are you insured?


We carry a $1 Million liability policy (with a $2 Million aggregate) with a reputable insurance agency that specializes in pony rides and petting zoos. We have been with them for more than 10 years.

We carry Worker's Comp and Disability as required by law to protect you and to protect our employees.

Certificates naming you or your organization as an additional insured are available. The fee is $75.00 per additional named insured. This is the fee charged directly by the insurance company to cover this service. No fee waivers are available.

Are you licensed?

Yes! USDA licensed since 1998.

USDA Licensing is required by Federal Law of anyone exhibiting animals to the public. While there are many petting zoo and pony ride companies out there, we are among the select few in this area that are properly licensed.

The USDA comes to our farm, checks out the living conditions of the animals, reviews our paperwork, and inspects our animals and their care regimen twice a year.

Before you hire any petting zoo or pony ride company, make sure they can prove that they are currently USDA licensed. This protects you and the animals!


We are licensed annually by the Westchester Department of Health to exhibit farm animals within Westchester County.

We are regularly granted permission by the NYC Department of Veterinary Health, on a per job basis, to bring our animals into NYC for parties and photo shoots.

How do you handle safety?

We never compromise on safety!

All animals and handlers are trained and all equipment is checked before leaving the farm.  With 20+ years of experience, we're confident that we are the safest pony rides & petting zoo outfit out there!

We always walk beside the children with one arm within reach of the child, not dragging the pony along behind us.  This also allows us to talk to the children and get to know them which makes their experience much more fun.

Can you tell me about cleanliness procedures?

Please make soap and water available to all guests so they can wash up after touching the animals and moving on to other activities. Hand washing is the number one way to prevent illness and should be practiced even after petting the family dog! Baby wipes and sanitizing gels are recommended by some health departments when soap and water are not available but are not as good as soap and water.

We have never had an instance of infection from our petting zoos (and there have been no e.coli outbreaks from petting zoos anywhere in the tri-state area in the last 20 years.)

There are occasional news reports of e. coli infections following visits to petting zoos. Invariably these infections are traced back to improper hand-washing and the presence of cows or calves in the petting zoo. Cows and calves are the number one shedders of e. coli bacteria. We do not have any cows or calves on our farm or in our petting zoos because of this.

More information on this issue can be found at the Centers for Disease control website about E. Coli & farm animals. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. If you have questions or concerns about insurance or animals health, please contact us.

How many ponies will I need and for how long?

We can ride about 20 - 25 kids in an hour. Most folks need one hour with the animals. This usually fits nicely into any party schedule, including quickie two-hour parties. Additional time is available if needed. On occasion we do shorter parties, but it must fit into our existing schedule.

My yard isn't that big, can I still host a pony party?

Don't worry! Ponies can work in nearly any size yard or even along a sidewalk! We have done rides in a 2-car garage. Petting zoos can be set up in areas as small as 8x8 feet, this usually allows plenty of room for the kids and the animals.

How do I pay?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. We accept personal/business checks, and Visa/Mastercard. The balance is due the day of service. You may pay by check, cash, or credit card on file on that date.

Are there any age/weight restrictions for the pony rides?

There are never any age restrictions when it comes to enjoying our animals! Our ponies can accommodate children up to roughly 80-100lbs.

What kind of animals do you bring?

We can bring whatever you like! We have a variety of bunnies, chickens, ducks, geese, pot-bellied pigs (when available), ponies, goats, and sheep. All of our animals live in our backyard so they have to be healthy, clean, gentle & sweet... my kids are with them daily! Our animals are like family and are treated with respect, love, kindness & compassion ~ and it shows! All animals receive regular vet care and are properly vaccinated.

Do you bring baby animals?

We always try to bring baby animals when they are available.

How long do you stay?

One hour is usually enough time for a group of 15-20 children to have pony rides and/or enjoy the petting zoo animals. We can always arrange to stay longer if needed, when you book your party.

How does a typical party work?

We arrive a few minutes earlier than your start time so that we may set up and you get the full hour with our animals. Experienced staff members walk alongside, and hold on to all children riding the pony. We will engage the child in conversation and try to quell any reservations he/she may have about this new experience! We try to do as long a ride as possible in the space/time allotted.

Small animals such as bunnies, ducks, chickens, and geese stay contained in a bottomless playpen. The kids can go right in there and interact with them! Larger animals such as the pig, goats, and sheep are walked in on a lead rope and are tied to a stake in the ground. Older kids may walk the animals around the yard with their leashes. Our staff will make sure that all children will get a chance to pet, brush, and feed the animals.

Where do you travel to?

We service almost all of Westchester county NY, Upper and Lower Fairfield counties in CT, Portions of Southern Dutchess, and Putnam counties in NY. We do travel to the Bronx and Manhattan by special arrangement.

Can we come to the farm?

We are strictly a traveling operation.

What type of locations can you bring the animals to?

We can work in almost any type of location. Whether it be on grass or pavement, we can accommodate you! We are often invited to private homes, schools, camps, day care centers, nature centers, nursing homes, museums, country clubs, parks, businesses, you name it, we’ve probably been there.

* If having your party at a county or town park, please check in with the proper authorities to make sure animals are allowed!