"Kiss-a-Pig" Fundraiser

Many schools have had great success with this fundraiser. It's a great way to raise money and create community spirit!

Here's how it works...

1.  Get some teachers, administrators or beloved employees or volunteers to agree to kiss a pig in front of the entire school.  (Minimum of 4 people to make it work well.)

2.  Set up jars in a public space decorated with the "kissers" names and funny pictures of them with big lips, etc.

3.  All members of the school community then have a specified period of time in which to vote on which "kissee" they would like to see kiss the pig.  They vote by putting money in the jars...spare change, big bills, checks to the school, etc.

4.  Designate the decision day and invite the school community, parents, etc...as many people as possible.  Find someone to "DJ" the event, get the crowd excited and keep the crowd and the "kissees" in suspense about who will have to kiss the pig, right up until the money is counted.

5.  Let the winner kiss the pig!

6.  Ask the crowd if they would like to see any of the other "kissees" kiss the pig.  At that point, audience members usually start donating additional monies to see the other "kissees" kiss the pig or sometimes they even offer to donate money to see someone in the audience kiss the pig.

Our pigs are always neatly groomed and very clean for the day of their attendance and have all their shots, so cleanliness and safety are not an issue.

Mizzentop Day School in Pawling held this fundraiser a few years ago and raised $600+ and a parent donated a new computer to the school just to see the computer teacher (who was not a designated "kissee") get up and kiss the pig!


To find our more about Kiss-A-Pig

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