WE COME TO YOU... with just the right size pony and the best animals! We come to you in Westchester, Putnam & portions of Dutchess County in New York and Western and Lower Fairfield County in Connecticut. We travel to New York City and other areas by special arrangement.

AT ANY LOCATION... Homes, Parks, Schools, Camps, Daycare Centers, Nature Centers, Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, Hospitals, Restaurants, Museums, Country Clubs, Sporting Associations, Businesses, Field Clubs, you name it!

FOR ANY REASON... School events, Camps, Fairs, Fundraisers, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Family Gatherings, Block Parties, Festivals, Picnics, Anniversaries, Class Parties & Reunions, Grand Openings, Corporate Events, Municipal Events, Special Needs Parties, etc... we do it all!

  • USDA Licensed
  • Westchester County Health Department Licensed
  • Fully Insured

How it Works

Our ponies and petting zoo come right to you! You can get just a pony, just a petting zoo, or a combination of the two. We arrive a few minutes early to set up and you get a full hour (or more if you want it) with the animals. Small animals such as bunnies, ducks and chickens go in a small pen and the kids go right in the pen with them. Larger animals like sheep, goats and pigs are on leashes. The kids get to feed, pet and brush all the animals. Older kids can walk the bigger animals on their leashes.

If they're available, we try to bring our baby goats or lambs that take baby bottles. Our staff makes sure everyone gets their share of hugging, brushing, feeding and petting! Our staff always walks right alongside the children on the pony where they can chat with the child and make sure they're having a great time.

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Please email me or my office manager, Linda, at partygals@piedpiperponyrides.com or call us at 914-763-6925 or 203-431-8322.

Pied Piper Pony Rides, Ltd.